We encourage you to talk to us, let us know your ideas and opinions.  Our many forms of communication range from email to Facebook to Twitter and Google.  We'll also communicate with each other at public meetings and in small groups. We use these tools to stay connected, informed and motivated.  Communication of any kind works best when it is relevant, appropriate and action-oriented.  It doesn't work when comments are inflammatory or derogatory. Use common sense. Follow our Courtesy Rules below.  If you break them,  you'll be removed from our communications.

Courtesy Rules

  • Focus on our goal of resisting the Trump agenda and influencing New Mexico’s Senators and District 2 Congressman.

  • Don’t repeat yourself or share irrelevant information, petitions, or opinion pieces. 

  • Be brief, fact check (and spell check). 

  • Don’t insult, bully, demean or threaten others, directly or indirectly.

  • Don’t use language that is profane, discriminatory, sexual, or violent.