Within weeks of Donald Trump’s November 2016 election, former congressional staffers posted their hastily produced document on-line. The titled their how-to paper The Indivisible Guide. Soon, people across the nation were downloading the guide and using it to form local resistance groups. In Las Cruces two politically distressed sisters, Sandy Daniel and Pat Warner, who had studied the guide, invited a few friends and neighbors to a meeting in their living room. On Jan. 11, 2017 eight people agreed to form Indivisible LAS CRUCES,  an organization that today has some 200 members.



Indivisible Las Cruces is an organization that advocates for progressive values on behalf of Southern New Mexico residents by holding our elected leaders to these tenets. The volunteer group promotes its values through voter education and political activism.


We believe the role of government is to ensure its people equal access to health care, housing and education.

We believe that quality public education is the bedrock of a democratic society, and is essential to creating a well-informed citizenry and a skilled workforce.

We believe that protecting our environment is basic to our quality of life.

We believe everyone should be treated equally with dignity and respect and that government should ensure these rights without discrimination based on gender, physical ability, national origin, economic status, age, race or religion.

We believe the president governs under the separation of powers with the advice and consent of Congress and is subject to the judiciary.

We believe fact-based science improves quality of life, and supports a viable economy.


Health and Safety

We believe that comprehensive universal healthcare is a fundamental human right, and includes the right to addiction and mental health care.

We support a woman’s reproductive rights, including access to birth control, abortion care, and prenatal and postpartum care.

We believe in the protection of women and children from violence and support the prosecution of criminal abusers.

We believe in gun safety that includes a ban on military-style weapons, and universal background checks for firearm purchases.


We support public education and believe it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that the public education system prepares every student to participate meaningfully in society.

We believe evaluations of students and teachers alike should be fair and reflect the challenges and needs of the community. We believe schools should be funded equitably and that teacher salaries should be competitive.

Energy and Environment

We support the use of clean, renewable energy as key to protection of air, land and water.

We believe that protection of our public lands and national monuments is tied to our cultural and historical identity.

We believe our public lands and open spaces should be preserved for the use and economic benefit of current and future generations.


We believe that immigration is a defining aspect of the American character and of our shared history.

We support a humane, non-discriminatory immigrations system that keeps families together and strengthens our economy.

We support comprehensive immigration reform that provides an obtainable path to citizenship.

We believe that the federal government is responsible for enforcing immigration law.

Foreign Policy

We believe in a foreign policy that supports human rights. We recognize a nation’s right to self-determination.

We believe military intervention should be used as a last resort. 

We support multi-national organizations that promote a mutual interest in peace.

We believe our security, prosperity, and well-being depend upon cooperative relations with other countries, especially those that border our own. 


We encourage parity between the renewable resource and extractive industries to ensure that New Mexicans receive just compensation for access to and the use of these resources.

We support a progressive tax where businesses and individuals pay their fair share.

We believe unions are strong advocates for living wages, fair work rules, hiring practices and safe working conditions. We believe Right to Work laws undermine the workers’ ability to negotiate with management.

We believe in a workforce trained in technology, manufacturing and construction.

We believe in strong worker protections that include a minimum wage and sanitary working conditions. We support work permits that fairly protect the workforce regardless of citizenship and that hold employers accountable under law.

We believe that adequate, affordable house is necessary for a healthy economy.

We support transnational trade organizations that mutually support all members. We believe participation in the North American Free Trade Association is important to the economies of New Mexico and Mexico.

Science and Technology

We support state and federal investment to sustain science and technology research and it’s supporting infrastructure.

We support science that is free of political influence and interference.

We support funding public infrastructure and transportation projects that improve our state’s economic competitiveness and job creation.

We believe in net neutrality and support access to high-speed internet.


May 15, 2018