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Mariel Nanasi, Executive Director of New Energy Economy, will present and engage in a lively dialogue about bold solutions to address climate disruption at the Las Cruces Indivisible March 12, 2019 meeting.  The meeting will be held in the Branigan Library second floor Roadrunner Room, at 5:00 pm.

El Paso Electric (EPE), a monopoly electric utility company, that produces energy for Las Cruces has failed to serve its customers with low cost renewable energy. EPE has 1% solar on its system and no wind. EPE has 69% gas and 30% nuclear. 

We are at an exciting energy crossroads. Will we double down on the old paradigm or change it up for locally-controlled not-for-profit clean and cheaper energy?'

Indeed we are in a new era of energy. The idea of centralized generation, a system that relies on one large nuclear plant, for instance, in Arizona that produces electricity and transmits that energy via transmission lines 600 hundreds miles from Arizona to the customer demand center in Las Cruces is inefficient, expensive and outdated. Despite high electricity costs, and piles of radioactive waste, not one job in New Mexico has been created. In addition to the economic and radioactive waste there are other inefficiencies, like the transmission losses are significant.

Today, decentralized generation is feasible and available. Decentralized generation is a system that depends largely on smaller scale renewable energy generation from solar and wind and storage closer to customers which relies on distribution networks, not large transmission lines. 

Sound wonky - it is. But it also means that YOU can get proximate to your electricity consumption and learn about how YOU can change a climate altering high cost monopoly system for a local choice democratically powered energy system. Its being done in 8 states with greener energy and cheaper rates. The antidote to depression is activism - see how you can be a change agent for climate justice. Learn about game-changing pending 2019 legislation!