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Hello Community!


A nation-wide movement is underway to have Congress hold hearings on the impeachment of Donald Trump.  Communities around our country will gather on Saturday, June 15 to let Congress see and hear that they must take on the issue of a failed presidency.  In Las Cruces the gathering will take place beginning at 1:00pm at Johnson Park, in front of the Thomas Branigan Library, on the corner of Main and Picacho.

Robert Mueller broke his silence about the findings of his investigation and made it clear that it is up to Congress to hold Trump accountable.  Some Congressional leaders fear the political consequences of impeaching Trump, but an equal argument is that they should worry about the political consequences of not impeaching.

As adults, we know to do what’s right even if the effects of an action are uncertain. That’s the choice in front of Congress, and it is up to us to let them know what we think and believe is right. 

Indivisible is partnering with MoveOn, By the People, and other progressive allies to make this event a strong statement.  Please, plan to join this event and then do it.   Bring a sign, bring a banner, bring your children.  SIGN UP TO ATTEND

If you want more information, stay tuned at

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team