New Mexico's Congressional District Two is one of three districts in the state. District Two covers the vast southern half of the state. However, its 703,000 residents count for only a third of the state's 2 million population. Before the election of Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small (D) in 2018, the district had been in Republican control for some 40 years.  The Indivisible groups in this district are a far-flung, energetic bunch whose members communicate regularly and often travel great distances to meetings and town halls. As new Indivisible groups form, they will be added to this list.

Leaders of Individual groups in District Two met to share ideas and expertise in Truth or Consequences. The two-day Congress was the first in an ongoing effort to improve communications among the groups. Photos by Steve Rhodes.


Black Range Indivisible takes its name from the nearby mountains in the Gila National Forest.  The group includes members from the towns of Hillsboro, Kingston and Animas Creek in Sierra County.  They meet in Hillsboro to prepare for events and to coordinate other actions.  Among its 35 members are experts in a variety of fields as listed below.  Its members can offer skills, knowledge and professional expertise to assist in District Two's collective efforts.


Robin Tuttle 


Documentation—background in medical diagnostics industry dealing with FDA submissions.

Worked as an RN pediatric case manager with medically fragile children, through UNM.  All children were on Medicaid.  had to justify Medicaid the necessity of providing skilled nursing services, in the home, to assist parents caring for the children.


Had a federal career with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (National Marine Fisheries Service) as a Foreign Affairs Specialist, including serving on State Department delegations negotiating environmental treaties and global and regional management measures. Included understanding of NEPA and the regulatory process.


Farm labor/guest workers: 20 years with both labor and employer sides of the questions in hands-on activism and policy roles.


Worked as court reporter. Familiar with criminal justice system, particularly on drug enforcement issues.


Criminal Justice/Prison Alternatives/Bail Reform: 15 years plus 5 additional years prison visitation in on-the-ground and policty roles.


Twenty-seven years with Arizona Game and Fish as a wildlife biologist; mountain lion specialist.  Author of several books, including “Soul Among Lions: The Cougar as Peaceful Adversary” and “The Wolf in the Southwest: The Making of an Endangered Species.”

Served as the Manager of Strategic Planning and Business for High Voltage Transmission, Bonneville Power Administration.  Managed staff of economists, electrical engineers, mathematicians, high voltage engineers and public utilities specialists.

Worked with U.S. Bureau of Reclamation on environmental issues.


Work with Arizona State Parks.


Research scientist in molecular, cellular and developmental biology.

Professor at University of Illinois and NMSU.  Could help with organizing, statistical analysis and science issues (cell biology, neuroscience, molecular and integrative physiology).


Taught language, rhetoric and argumentation. Versed in water law, history: American political history and culture. Experienced as a political activist and organizer.

Professor Emeritus in the Department of Linguistics UNM; teaching; research; writing.  Sociolinguistics, Southwest Spanish-English bilingualism, Spanish linguistics, Quechua.


Served as a Democratic Party Board member of three counties; Sierra, NM, Champaign, IL and Washtenaw, MI.  These parties had widely different styles, populations and degrees of success.


Expertise in creating and maintain a website and blog. See http://www.blackrange.org. “A Not for Revenue Site Dedicated to the Cultural and Natural History of the Black Range of New Mexico, U.S.A.”


Several members are artists and could assist in graphic design.

Main Street, Hillsboro

Carlsbad Indivisible


David Ames 

Pecos River, Carlsbad

Pecos River, Carlsbad


Gila Indivisible

The Indivisible 535 (after its area code) group is based in Gila, in New Mexico's western mountains.  The group maintains an email list of 50 to 60 people who have volunteered to make phone calls. Gila Indivisible also forwards action alerts from Indivisible to its members, as well as other alerts that require calls to action by phone.


Susan Van Auken 

Sharman Apt Russell 

Gila Wilderness

Gila Wilderness

Indivisible las cruces

Indivisible LAS CRUCES organized in mid-January and has about 200 members.  Las Cruces, at 101,000 people is the state's second largest city and the economic hub of Southern New Mexico.  The group's monthly meetings feature guest speakers with other meetings dedicated to training and organizing.  Our two main FOCUS 2018 groups concentrate on Voting Culture and Rapid Response.  


Linda G. Harris


Interests: 2018 elections at the local, state and national levels. Among its members are those skilled in planning, publicity and technology. 

Arroyo, Las Cruces

Arroyo, Las Cruces

Mimbrenos Indivisible


Wanda Spitzer

Mimbres pottery

Mimbres pottery

Otero Indivisible

Most of Otero Indivisible’s 160 members live either in Alamogordo or Tularosa, the two largest cities in Otero County. The group meets bi-weekly at various locations. 


Carrie Ludington 

Chris Jones 

White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument



The RIOT group (Ruidoso Indivisible Opposition to Tyranny) is out of Ruidoso in Lincoln County.  The mountain reseort has about a dozen members with an additional 60 followers on its Facebook page. Its members meet weekly at Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop in Ruidoso. The group, which opposes the Trump Agenda, includes public lands experts Joyce Westerbut and Tony Davis.


Charmaine O'Rourke

Susan Yabumoto

Downtown Ruidoso

Downtown Ruidoso


Silver City Indivisible holds monthly meetings and produces an Action Alert daily.  We are involved in a variety of projects, some ongoing such as voter registration efforts, and some occasional such as meetings with MOC (Members of Congress) staff to press issues we care about.


Lita Furby

Tour of the Gila, Silver City

Tour of the Gila, Silver City

Socorro COUNTY Indivisible

Indivisible Socorro County is dedicated to political action inNew Mexico and opposition to the Trump/Republican administration at the state level. It partners with other groups and maintains a public Facebook page. 


Kathryn Albrecht

Socorro Plaza

Socorro Plaza

Truth or Consequences Indivisible

Led by a 10-member Guide Team, Indivisible Truth or Consequences supports citizen activists in Sierra County, New Mexico, and our fellow District 2 Indivisible chapters by providing leadership, resources, tools and training to oppose authoritarianism and defend democracy. 

Our core mission is to actively oppose any and all attempts to implement policies or programs at the national, state and local level that are destructive to civil society, government by the people, the environment and/or democratic rights.

Since forming in late January 2017 in response to the Indivisible Guide’s call for a nonpartisan and nonviolent resistance movement, our chapter has grown to more than 70 members and supporters. Toward the end of our first month, we teamed with We’re In! Las Cruces on staging a mock town hall, which helped to pressure District 2 Congressman Steve Pearce into appearing at town halls throughout the district. We sent representatives to town halls Pearce subsequently held in Ruidoso and Las Cruces in March.

In April, we organized a two-day District 2 Congress for Indivisible chapter leaders. The 30 or so participants shared ideas and expertise and laid out a general plan for cooperative action. 

We also teamed with our local Women’s March organizers on a Tax Day sister march in Truth or Consequences. Most recently, we sent 13 protestors to the Earth Day March for Science in Socorro.

Our monthly general membership meetings have varied programs, ranging from hosting speakers on timely political and social topics . . . to writing postcards to hold elected officials accountable for their votes or positions . . . to poster making for the national resistance marches we have supported . . . to formulation of calls to action


Dimid Hayes.


Project management, researching,  writing, meeting facilitation, publishing, national government experience, community organizing, electoral analysis, drafting/lettering, psycho-social interactions, inept thespianism.

Truth or Consequences, formerly Hot Springs

Truth or Consequences, formerly Hot Springs

Usual Suspects

This Indivisible group is based in El Paso, Texas, about 35 miles south of the New Mexico state line.  The group would like to be contacted on issues or actions relevant to New Mexico.